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Matt Dawson

25th October 2017
Matt Dawson Decembeard supporter

I’m proud to be team captain of Decembeard 2017 and patron of Beating Bowel Cancer.

Decembeard is a fun campaign but the purpose is deadly serious: in the United Kingdom, bowel cancer claims a life every half hour.

Like thousands of people across the country, I have a family history of bowel cancer. My grandfather was only 60 when he died as the disease was advanced when he was diagnosed. But my mum was treated successfully because she pushed for an early diagnosis – a key factor in fighting bowel cancer.

Join my Decembeard team and we’ll support you all the way with both fundraising and face fur tips, as well as keeping you up to date with other Decembearders’ progress.
Decembeard helps sustain the vital work Beating Bowel Cancer does to promote early diagnosis and the best support and treatment for every patient. So I hope you’ll wear your beard with pride, knowing that the funds you raise will save lives and improve outcomes for all those affected by bowel cancer.

Thank you and good luck!