Fundraising ideas for you

Whether you’re planning to grow a beard, do something crazy with your current face fuzz, host an event or take a challenge – we have a great selection of fundraising ideas to help boost your sponsorship and raise awareness of bowel cancer.

Grow a beard!

Ditch your razor and grow a beard throughout December. Then take on bowel cancer by raising awareness of the symptoms and funds for the charity.

You can also get your friends involved by creating a team and make yourself the captain! Share your beard experience and fundraise together!

Glitter madness!

Spread a little glitter joy and turn your face fuzz into the ultimate Christmas accessory

Get your friends to sponsor you to go glittery for a week, or if you feel daring the full month.

If you’re part of a team, you could challenge each team member to go a different colour each week.

Don’t forget to share your creative flair and post your glitter beard pics on social media using #Decembeard and @Decembeard_UK, make sure you include your JustGiving link to help boost your sponsorship!

Not a fan of glitter? Dye, decorate or shave your precious fur and create something amazing.


Looking for the perfect workplace fundraising idea? Download this fundraising favourite to help you raise even more money.

Our sweepstake poster would be a great game at your Christmas party or get together.


Decembeard Advent Calendar Challenge

Can’t, won’t or already have a beard – but still want to help beat bowel cancer? Why not take on the Decembeard Advent Challenge!

We’ve created 25 terrific challenges, each worth £1, for you to take on during December.

To take part, sign up to Decembeard and create your JustGiving page, remembering to personalise it with the challenges you’re taking part in. Then download our advent calendar and get your family and friends to sponsor you to take on as many challenges as you like. If you’re feeling brave why not take on the whole 25? It’s completely up to you, all you need to do is make sure your friends, family and work mates pay up!


JustGiving Top Tips

We’re bristling with tips on how to get the most out of your JustGiving page.


Do you dare?

There are always people willing to go that little bit further and push a limit or two to make a real difference – are you that person?

If you’re feeling brave, download our dare poster to help boost your sponsorship. It’s easy, all you need to do is:

  1. Choose your challenges – remember, the harder the challenge the more you could raise!
  2. Get sponsored – let everyone know what you will do and for how much money.
  3. Do the dare – get photo evidence and post to your social media using #Decembeard and @Decembeard_UK

Christmas Donation Voucher

This year ask your friends and family to give you a gift that is true to the spirit of Christmas.
Put our Decembeard Christmas Donation Voucher at the top of your wish-list. A priceless gift, which will help many.

It also works as a great secret santa present!


Bake Sale

One surefire way to get the donations rolling in is to tantalise some tastebuds. With Christmas around the corner why not hold a Christmas bake sale at your workplace. You can use our bearded cake duster to add a little extra creativity to your creations! You can ask your colleagues to get involved – the more cake the merrier!

Part of a team? Get your teammates involved and host a bake-off at your workplace, community centre or just at home with friends and family.

Download your bake sale guide and get people eating cake! (for a price)


Bearded Brainbuster Quiz

Bring a bit of healthy competition into your workplace, home or club! Impress your colleagues with your knowledge of bearded trivia. How many can you get right?

The perfect game to liven up the workplace Christmas party. Make sure you ask people to pay to play.


Movie Marathon

During December, why not get your friends over and hold a hair-raising movie marathon evening?

Make sure to have the movies ready, the couch comfortably set up and the pizzas on speed dial before your friends arrive. Don’t forget to get your JustGiving page open on your phone or computer to get your mates to donate before the fun begins.

There are a host of beardy characters to choose from; and we’ve included some blogs below for inspiration.

From Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings to Jules in Pulp Fiction, the possible selections are boundless.

You could also organise a family film afternoon, think Bob Hoskins as Smee in Hook or John Thaw in Goodnight Mister Tom or a selection of beards in original Railway Children film.



Pin the beard on the bloke

Whether at work or at home this childhood classic will certainly get people in the mood for giving.

Another great choice for the office Christmas party.


The Great Shave

Get a final hair-raising boost to your sponsorship by asking friends, family or colleagues to donate and make the most of your fond farewell to your face fuzz. Hold a draw for those who are itching to wield the razor and suggest a donation for each participant.

The winner gets to:

  • Shave off your beard at the end of the month
  • Select a shape or name (get creative!) into your beard for the final week of Decembeard

Throw caution to the wind and get someone else to shave your face fuzz all for a good cause!

Do your own thing!

Hold a fundraising event such as beard match, gig or fancy dress! Ask people to donate to get involved in the activities.

Put your beard to good use

Inspired by the challenges above?

Register for Decembeard and start using the power of your bristles to make a real difference.